Tuesday, November 14, 2006

6 to 8 "Seriously Corrupt" Democratic Senators?

Allahpundit puts it best:
http://hotair.com/archives/2006/11/14/abramoff-fingers-6-to-8-seriously-corrupt-democratic-senators/">Oh man. This + Murtha as leader = best. majority. ever.
If it's true that Abramoff is going to drag some big guns on the Dem side down with him, I think this couldn't have come at a better time.

I certainly don't believe that this news would have helped Republican chances in the election. The conservative voters who voted Democrat this year weren't voting because they wanted Democrats in; they were voting to remind the RNC that there are consequences to skewing left and taking the base for granted. I believe that for these "punish the RNC" voters, whom I agree with more and more every day as news of how the RNC "old guard" are acting like idiots keeps coming out, this story wouldn't have changed a thing.

And had this story come out before the election, it would have given the Dems time to bury it, or explain it away. "6 corrupt Democratic senators? Hey - at least they aren't getting all gay with the teenage interns! As far as we know!"

I prefer it this way. We're only a week-and-a-half into Pelosi's 100 Days of Holy Miracles, and suddenly the Fresh, New Majority is is going to have to do some serious twisting in the wind.

This and other examples of Democratic fecklessness and heinous mismanagement that are guaranteed to follow won't win us the majority again in 2008 - only a serious shake up of the RNC can do that - but it'll help grease the wheels, if I may use an unfortunate but obvious metaphor.

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